Brands and companies I’ve worked with.

Frequently asked questions.

Interested in ..?
Yes. 1 For the time being. Let’s talk about your project.
How much?
The prices depends on the effort — each project is different and my prices reflect this.
How long?
I’m pretty fast – I can’t perform magic but sometimes it happens.
Which CMS?
That has been decided as the case arises. I really love contentful, in some cases I am also use Craft, Wordpress or build a custom on my own.
Which language?
Generally I code PHP – Laravel 5 is currently my favourite framework, SASS and jQuery/JS/ES6. Sometimes I use React.
What software?
A short list of my favourite tools: Sketch, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sublime Text, Xcode, Gulp, Git, JIRA, Slack